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Willingness to Become a Multiracial Family

We would like to adopt another baby. Boy, girl, any ethnicity, twins or triplets - it doesn't really matter to us.

Becoming a Multiracial Family
If we were given the opportunity to adopt a child from a different ethnicity, we would gladly jump at the chance! We do understand that there would be a lot of education and unknown challenges, but we are willing to learn and prepare our kids for that. Our community is primarily Caucasian with a sizeable Hispanic population. The African American population is small but growing.

We know many multiracial families - some through marriage and some through adoption. If we adopted a child from a different race and culture, we would embrace the new rich heritage in our family. We would seek out friendships with other families that share similar backgrounds. We would research the culture and incorporate traditions, special holidays, and recipes into our daily lives.

 We would teach our child about how every person is beautiful because of our differences. We would teach our child that the love we share as a family is more important than sharing physical features.

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