We are ready to adopt again! Please help us spread the word. Feel free to contact us by leaving a comment on this blog or emailing us at justinandlara@gmail.com. Or contact our caseworker Claire directly at claire@anewbeginning.org.

How We Feel About Adoption

At Jocelyn's placement

We are so excited to adopt! It may be a less conventional way to build a family, but we’ve always seemed to do things a bit unconventionally anyway.

As a little girl, Lara collected porcelain dolls. Whenever she would get one for a birthday or Christmas, she would name it and draw up “adoption papers.” These papers would include a history of where the child came from and kind thoughts and memories from her family. It’s interesting to think now that Lara has always wanted to adopt and has been preparing for this her whole life.

We are both thrilled and humbled that we have the opportunity to be parents through adoption. We know in our hearts this is the way our family is meant to grow. Adopting Jocelyn was a really amazing experience...it was hard and emotionally grueling, but the most rewarding experience ever.

We view our responsibility as parents solemnly. We believe a child is a gift from God--or, in this case, a very loving mother--and placed into our lives for safekeeping, nurturing, learning, protection, and unconditional love. As adoptive parents, we will strive to do everything we can to make you proud of the decision you made. We truly feel it is the most treasured gift we will ever receive. It's an honor we can't ever take for granted.
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