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Our Open Adoption

We have an open adoption with Jocelyn’s birth parents. We always wanted an open relationship. When they chose us, they wanted to meet us, but they weren’t sure if they wanted to continue contact after placement. After spending three days in the hospital getting to know each other, it felt natural to swap telephone numbers and email addresses.

Baby Jocelyn with her birth family during a visit

It’s been over two years and we still communicate regularly with Jocelyn’s birth parents. We call on birthdays and holidays, we send letters, pictures, and crayon scribbles from Jocelyn through the mail, we email, we text, and we are on Facebook. We have even visited them on a couple of occasions when we’ve been on their side of the state.

Eating out with Jocelyn's birth mom and birth sister.

We believe open adoption is a right that every adopted child has—as well as every birth parent. We cherish our open adoption and know all our future adoptions will be just as special.

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