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Being a Working Mother

*written by Lara*

I am blessed to have a solid career as a copy writer. I have always loved writing and it is really special to be able to do what I love—be creative every day—and get paid for it.

One of the constant struggles I deal with every day is being a working mom. I grew up in home with a mother who didn’t work. I think stay-at-home parenting is important. The first few years of childhood are so formative and fly by so quickly, that it’s important to be there for them.

However, our circumstances right now require me to be a working mother. I feel very torn over the fact that I actually really like to work…and over the fact that I strongly feel that I should be at home with my daughter.

The company I work for is a forward-thinking, influential company with family-friendly values. As such, they have a daycare and preschool on site, which is where Jocelyn goes every day. When she was a baby, I visited her at least once a day to just hold her and play with her. As a toddler, my daily visits have diminished since it causes a meltdown whenever I leave, but I am grateful that we are so close if there is ever a problem. I also serve on the Board of Directors of her daycare and I am involved in how the daycare is run. It is the best daycare in town. I wouldn’t settle for anything less.

The truth is adoption is expensive and my job is essential in providing stability to our family. As we get more disciplined with our finances and fund another adoption or two, Justin and I would like for me to stay at home while the children are little. I will always have a chance to go back to work when they are grown.

Jocelyn loving on her daycare teacher, Miss Kira

To help offset my guilt a little J here are some of the benefits about daycare and being a working mom:
  • I get all the “me time” I need at work, so when I am at home, I am less stressed and I am devoted to being a mom.
  • Jocelyn is on a really good sleeping and eating schedule, which doctors say is important for health and development. Her schedule probably wouldn’t be as good if I could stay up every night and sleep in every day. J
  • She is not a picky eater. She has learned to love a huge varieties of food and always eats what is offered to her.
  • Jocelyn loves other children.
  • The daycare teachers are phenomenal teachers. I never knew that a 1 year old could count to ten or identify shapes. I don’t think she would know as much without their fabulous teaching methods.
  • Jocelyn watches zero television at daycare.
  • Jocelyn gets to play and learn with other children her same age.
  • I enjoy what I do every day and feel a great sense of accomplishment and pride in my work, which makes me happy. And being a happy mother is the best gift I can give to my children. 

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