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About Lara

Eyes: Green
Hair: Natural color is dark blonde, but I enjoy changing it
Height: 5' 2"
Age: 30
Birthday: October 21
Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Education: Bachelor's in Psychology
Occupation: Senior Copywriter at a wellness company
Place in family: Youngest of five children with two older brothers and two older sisters
Ancestry: Caucasian - Danish, Scottish, English, and Irish with a few other western European countries
Hobbies: Blogging, reading, writing, singing, playing video games, crafting, and gardening
Dreams come true so far: Work as a writer - a paid writer :), wrote a novel, walked the Colosseum in Rome, bought a home, started a family
Future hopes and dreams: Publish a novel, own a cabin in the mountains, see the Egyptian pyramids, and have a home full of kids
Embarrassing fact: I was in a beauty pageant as a teenager and I did a mime for my talent

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