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Our Family Motto

Lara’s family descends from a very old, powerful Scottish clan. The clan motto was Serva Jugum, which is Latin for Keep the Yoke.

An ancient story tells of a time when the Danes invaded Scotland. The king’s army went out to defend their lands but the Danes broke through their lines. Scared, the king’s army scattered before the invaders. 

A man and his two teenage sons were plowing their fields and saw all this happen. The man and his sons placed ox yokes on their backs and stood at the entrance of a ravine, barring the escape of the fleeing Scot soldiers. He and his two sons led the Scottish army back into battle and they triumphed over the invading Danes. Because of this peasant’s bravery, the king awarded him some of the best land in Scotland and he became a rich and powerful leader.

We have taken this ancient motto as our own. To us, keep the yoke means to never give up, even when we think there’s no way to go on. It is a reminder to me that three peasants changed the fate of a nation through their determination and action. I can do the same. When faith and hard work combine, impossible things can happen. 

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