We are ready to adopt again! Please help us spread the word. Feel free to contact us by leaving a comment on this blog or emailing us at justinandlara@gmail.com. Or contact our caseworker Claire directly at claire@anewbeginning.org.

How We Feel About Open Adoption

We feel that open adoptions are a wonderful thing. The more people to love a child, the better! Open adoptions have many benefits such as giving the birth mother confidence in her decision (not only during the placing process but throughout life--what a blessing!), giving the child a relationship with the birth family, alleviating fears and answering questions the child might have, reducing identity issues for the child, and creating a unique support of love for the child.

Your child will know your name. Always. Your name will be spoken with honor and celebrated forever in our home. Your portrait will have a special place in your child's room. Your child will know who you are and the sacrifice you made. We will shower you with more pictures and updates than you know what to do with! This can be in the form of blogs (I love the ease and timeliness of it!), letters, phone calls, and photographs. We would like to meet you and have an ongoing relationship with you that would include occasional visits, phone calls, texts, and letters. You will be part of your child's life.

We have an open adoption with Jocelyn's birth parents. At first, they weren't sure how open they wanted to be, but our relationship has just naturally developed. We call each other on holidays and birthdays, we text, send letters, and we are Facebook friends. We have even made trips to see them a couple times.

Hanging out with Jocelyn's birth mom

If you prefer a closed adoption, we will honor those wishes. We would still let the child know he/she was adopted and how much love you have for him/her in making such a sacrifice. We will only disclose as much information about you as you choose.

No matter what level of openness you want, we will work with you in forming an honest relationship that is comfortable for all of us. No matter what, your child will know that he/she is loved, and we will forever be grateful for your decision.
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