We are ready to adopt again! Please help us spread the word. Feel free to contact us by leaving a comment on this blog or emailing us at justinandlara@gmail.com. Or contact our caseworker Claire directly at claire@anewbeginning.org.

The Story of Us

Once upon a time in a not-so-magical-land called Wyoming, Lara went to college as a musical theater student. Before classes started, the theater department had a get together at the professor's home with croquet and a bonfire. A cute croquet referee named Justin caught Lara's attention. It must've been the flattering black and white stripes. The deal was sealed when Justin picked up his guitar and sang country songs around the fire.

It was love at first sight.

From that moment on, Justin and Lara spent every waking moment together. Same classes, rehearsals, and lots of talking and flirting late into the night. Ten days later, Justin professed his undying love and presented his fair maiden with a glittering diamond ring. Ten months later, they were
married on a beautiful summer day.

After a few more year of college, Justin got his Master's degree and became a mental health and substance abuse counselor. Lara graduated with a psychology degree and started her career as a marketing writer for an international company. They bought a house, two dogs, and a cat. From the outside, it seemed like their
life was perfect.

But something was amiss in the kingdom.

Lara and Justin wanted nothing more than to bring a baby into their family. After about eight lonely years, Justin and Lara decided to adopt. It wasn't long before two amazing angels placed their perfect baby in Justin and Lara's
waiting arms.

The couple had never been happier. Sharing their love with their beautiful princess is the greatest joy of their hearts. They have so much love, they're ready to have another prince or princess join their kingdom and join their quest for happily ever after.
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