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Where We Live

When we bought our house, it didn't have a sign out front so we made our own. 

Our House
Our home is our sanctuary and our haven. We always try to make our home a peaceful place filled with love and laughter, a place where we like to linger. We make our home a place of strength for our marriage and family. We enjoy reading together regularly and we always make time for regular family nights.

We love our house. We bought it five years ago - it's our first home. Our home is pretty standard - a ranch-style house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms, two living rooms, and lots of extra space in the basement we don't know what to do with!

We have a fenced backyard with large cottonwood trees, vegetable and flower gardens, a giant swing, tons of grass, and a deck for summer barbeques. Lara loves to garden and works hard every year to bring color to the yard with beautiful and fragrant flowers. We love hosting family get-togethers and parties. They are always filled with laughter and joy.

We have plenty of room in our house for more children. Your child will have his or her very own nursery and be able to grow up in a safe, quiet neighborhood.

Justin carving the Thanksgiving turkey

Our Neighborhood
We live at the back of a quiet cul-de-sac. We love it. It is the gathering spot for all the neighborhood children to play. Most of our neighbors have young kids and you can almost always spot children riding their bikes and playing with each other in their yards. We know practically all our neighbors. We are surrounded by the best people!

Lara grilling steaks

Our Town
We live in a small farming community in southeast Idaho. The population of our town is about 3,000, but we live about fifteen minutes away from a bigger town of about 55,000. People are very friendly and helpful - it's like taking a step back in time.

We live two hours away from Yellowstone National Park and lots of amazing wilderness areas in the Rocky Mountains. Just a few hours in the other direction is Salt Lake City. Lara has a sister, cousins, aunts, and uncles who live there, so we visit Salt Lake a lot. We like to go to good theater, concerts, and museums there.

When we decided it move here, we were afraid the town would be to small for us. We have fallen in love with it though. It's close enough to bigger towns that we are never bored and we just love the heart and soul of this small town.

Jocelyn helping plant flowers

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