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What We Like to Do

At a local baseball game. Lara is holding a niece.

While most of the pictures on this site show us doing fun, exotic things, in reality we are pretty normal. We have our favorite television shows we watch religiously. Lara loves to cook and whether we eat dinner at the table or vegging on the couch, we always eat together. Our dishes aren’t always done and there’s always that dreaded mound of laundry that is waiting to be washed. But we have fun. We think it’s more important to enjoy each other than it is to have a perfect “magazine worthy” house.

Sight-seeing in nearby Yellowstone Park

We love to travel and see the world and we try to take a nice trip every couple of years. Our families are a bit spread out so we love to go visit and see where they live. We like going to concerts, musicals, and baseball games. We both love to camp and be out in the woods. We even have our crazy spontaneous moments like driving out to the lake in the middle of the night just to see the moonlight shining on it or pulling out the hide-a-bed on a Saturday and watching cheesy sci-fi movies all day.

Saguaro National Park, Arizona

Some of our favorite things to do together:

Long drives in the mountains
Watching movies together
Going to the park
Having Wii parties
Having barbecues in the backyard
Going for frozen yogurt runs

Lara and Joci swimming
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